Innovatively improving our proficiencies, efficiencies and capacities.
Our Vision is: to train and certify competent and efficient management team at all levels.

Our Company History

The history of Adibs Inc started with the incorporation of Adibs Limited in 1986. Adibs Inc. provides pharmaceutical services, pharmaceutical supplies and pharmaceutical devices training programs to government and private hospitals as well as parastatals. We also specialize in providing comprehensive diabetic education and management.

Adibs Inc has since then expanded to include provision of training programs for leaders and professionals in different fields.

We are also committed to healthy Nutrition in its arm of Doriy Enterprises which offers healthy vending option.

Your overall personal edge is our passion hence we also provide you with  premium quality dietary supplements that nourishes you from inside out supporting your health and wellness 

At Adibs, we are about:

  • Sharing knowledge,
  • Improving, monitoring and evaluating what we do and
  • Delivering quality management training.

Our Mission

To lead in corporate leadership and management training through proactive programs that will enhance the performance of executives in consonance with global trends. We are committed to providing the best possible collaborative, experiential, engaged learning and training programs with high standard to foster the development of effective leaders, professionals and citizens deeply committed to excellence.​